Tube Amps

This section is dedicated to one of my special interests - Tube Amps. I started building my very first tube based pre-amp from out of an old tape recorder circuit in the 80's. This has been more or less sucessful at that time. Unfortunately, I have not touched this topic for the next few decades.

Just recently, I had the requirement for a small 5 Watt guitar amp and the idea to make it a little 'do-it-yourself'  project. So I've started to search in the Internet, stumbled over a pretty simple and effective circuit and decided to rebuild it. This has been a success story and it did relume my interest for Tube Amps again. I might document few more details about this project here shortly.

Related Links

The internet is a gold mine for getting all kind of information, detail, parts, circuit schematics, knowledge and ideas about tube amps (whish, I had this source of information some three decades ago). There are so many great sites that I have discovered, most of it is linked to other pages, too - so this can be an endless experience.

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